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Run coaching that builds faster, stronger, and smarter runners.

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Why hire a running coach?

I get it - there is a lot of free information and training plans out there. So why invest in a running coach? A running coach is like any other type of mentor/coach in your life that you work with to reach your goals - a career coach, a financial advisor, a therapist, a personal trainer, etc. So why a running coach when you can just throw on some shoes and head out the door?

A few reasons why a running coach is a worthy investment:

  • You get a customized plan to help you reach YOUR individual running goals. Paces and workouts are updated as your fitness level progresses and adjusted to accommodate for life circumstances that happen along the way.

  • You are held accountable to your training and goals. You’re less likely to skip a run when you know there is someone else expecting you to complete the run.

  • You are less likely to get injured. When training from a cookie cutter plan, you aren’t given much guidance on strength exercises and stretches to do to prevent injury. Those are included when training with TW Training.

  • You have a go-to source for any and all running-related questions - race prep, foam rolling, fueling, shoes, etc.

  • You don’t have to think about it. Your workouts are laid out for you, so you don’t need to spend extra time figuring out what to do or how to do it. It takes all the guess work and planning out of training.

  • You will try a new approach to your training. If you’re wanting to hit that next milestone, you’ve been stagnant in your paces, you keep getting injured, or something similar, having a coach to change things up and push you outside your comfort zone will help you reach that goal.


“I knew I wanted to run a marathon for years, but I never was able to pull the trigger until I met Tammy. I live in DC but split my time between DC and NC and live in NC over the summer so I choose to sign up for Tammy's virtual group training. At first, I'll be honest, because I'm a pretty serious runner and exerciser wasn't sure if I needed the virtual training. I figured I could train myself, but BOY WAS I WRONG. Signing up to work with Tammy was the best decision I ever made. I followed her plans, discussed my training issues and asked her about a million questions. After a tough 18 mile training run, Tammy and I worked together to problem solve the next few long runs. Everything from pacing to fueling and even recovery were covered during training and for race day that I felt ready and confident to execute to the best of my abilities. This weekend I ran the Richmond Marathon, and I beat my goal time by more than 10 minutes and ran every mile 1 minute faster than I had planned. I even had negative splits! Best of all Tammy was at the race, at mile 25, ready to help me finish if I needed. I am beyond grateful for all the coaching, accountability and support I have received, and I went into my race more prepared physically and mentally than I could have ever imagined. I'm ready to sign up for my next ever marathon. I highly recommend Tammy's training - she took me from runner to marathoner.” - Nikki B.


“Tammy's program motivates you to be a better all around athlete. She encourages you be more in tune with your body while you run and she teaches you to incorporate strength training so that you avoid injuries. Also the group atmosphere provides support and keeps you on track during your training. You know that there are other runners going on long weekend runs, which inspires you to get your miles in too. This program has helped me run races without any knee pain, meet fellow runners to run with and through Tammy’s support I’ve become a faster, stronger runner. I shaved off over 20 minutes in my half marathon time and I’m now looking to be even faster in my next race.” - Stephanie C.