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Listen to Coach Tammy’s feature on the "Pace the Nation" podcast

 Photo credit:  Run Washington

You want to become a faster and stronger runner.

You want a coach to help you grow, to guide you, and to push you to new limits.

You want to be part of a team where everyone feels supported and progress is celebrated.

You are ready to work hard to reach your goals.


"In the spring of 2017, when I was recovering from a minor hamstring injury, I joined Tammy's training session because I'd heard it a good way to return to running. It was: Coach Tammy helped me safely ramp up the distance and intensity of each workout. I continue to come back, and I've continued to be injury-free  -- up to and including running the 42nd Marine Corps Marathon on October 22!

But the sessions have been much more than injury-prevention, thanks to the warm and welcoming tone Coach Tammy creates. She likes to have fun, but she takes her coaching very seriously, sending out weekly emails full of advice and tips about nutrition, exercise, stretching and more -- plus shout-outs to members running races that week. And she is always looking for ways to do better. Perhaps most important, Tammy treats everyone seriously, no matter their age (I just turned 70) or ability level. If you want to be a runner, then for Tammy, you are -- and she will do everything she can to help you be the best you can be. - Mitch W, Washington, DC


"Tammy has been my coach since July 2016. At the time I had just signed up for my very first half marathon and was a little nervous about whether I would feel prepared when race day finally arrived. As I now know, Tammy is your go to for half marathon training! She loves them! But whatever you are training for, Tammy is a great coach. She's encouraging and truly believes that all her runners have it in them to reach their personal goals. And she's tough, leading by example to push all her runners to be well-rounded athletes. She modifies workouts so that you can find the path that's right for you, but never misses an opportunity to remind you of the option that might seem just out of reach. Whether you're lacing up your running shoes for the first time, or you're pushing yourself for a new PR, Tammy will help you get there. And make it fun in the process!" - Andrea O, Washington, DC

"I’ve been working with Tammy since March 2017.  I joined the running group to get into shape. I showed up with a mile time of 12:00.  It wasn’t long into my training with Tammy that her coaching style was making an impression on me.  I loved the fact that she didn’t dictate the workouts and send us off on a run.  She actually did the runs with us!  I liked this a lot coaching you through the entire workout.  In addition, she not only cared about your success but pushed you to achieve it.  Tammy saw potential in me in the beginning that I didn’t see in myself.  She challenged me to take on longer runs and taught me ways to be mentally tough.  With her knowledge and support, I recently ran a 5k with a time of 31:00.  This was truly a feat for me, and I have Tammy’s workouts, articles, and confidence in me to thank for it!" - Kristine B, Washington, DC