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Run coaching that builds faster, stronger, and smarter runners.

Coach Tammy is a certified running coach and personal trainer who has coached over 100 athletes to meet their running goals through online coaching, the TW Group Training Program, or a customized training plan. Whether your goal is to PR in your upcoming race, return safely from injury, train with more cross training and strength training, or another running goal, Coach Tammy can help you achieve it!

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“I had a fantastic time training with the TW Group Training Program for my first marathon! In short, Tammy is supportive, approachable, and makes running new distances anything but scary. The community she creates is great not only for keeping runners on track, but is also an invaluable resource for information and cheer support. Weekly speed training was made far more fun and manageable by knowing that there would be a group of fellow runners at track. The plans give priority to safe training and injury avoidance, as opposed to simply piling on mileage, and made room for flexibility and for incorporating other activities and daily life. I don’t know that I would have gone into my first marathon with the calm and confidence that I did without Tammy’s and the entire TW Training crew’s support. And I know that without Tammy’s valuable advice a couple weeks out on testing out speeds, I would not have had the confidence to run my first marathon as quickly as I did. Tammy made it possible for me to strike a balance between between appropriate caution and not holding myself back. I would highly recommend TW Training for anyone looking to build up running regularly, with accountability and support, and hoping to finish or race any longer distance with a smile.” - Diane L.


“Coach Tammy believed in me and gave me the power to believe in myself. When I toed the line for Chicago, I knew Coach Tammy had coached me to PR. But what I didn’t realize until halfway through the marathon is that Tammy also taught me to love running again. I was on track to PR when I hit 13.1 miles and decided a PR for me would mean keeping my head down and eyes glued to the pacer ahead. Throughout my training Tammy taught me to adjust my goals in a positive way that I had never tried before. So when I decided to go from my A goal, which was to PR, to my B goal which was to finish, I didn’t feel a twinge of guilt or sadness. I smiled the rest of the way and cried when I saw Tammy less than 2 miles from the finish. I’d made it happy and healthy to that finish line which is what I asked Coach Tammy to help me with. Tammy is an amazing coach, friend, and an integral part of the running community in the Washington D.C. area. If you are looking for someone approachable, compassionate, and someone who can help you achieve your running goals, look no further. I will never be able to thank Coach Tammy enough for helping me learn to love running in a healthy and happy way.” - Liz V.


“I started working with Tammy in June 2018 to train for my first marathon. I had run several half marathons, but injuries repeatedly derailed my past attempts at the full distance. I decided to invest in my running, and I'm so glad I did. Tammy's coaching has delivered incredible results both mentally and physically. In addition to running my first marathon, with Tammy's help I've clocked PRs in other race distances including the 5k and half marathon. Tammy's customized training plan is tailored to my preferences while still helping me hit my goals - I cross-train in the barre and pilates classes I love, and each run has a clear purpose. 

Beyond feeling stronger and being faster, Tammy has dramatically improved my mental approach to running. She has guided me through the hiccups that come up in every training cycle, and changed my mindset - I no longer feel like they are a sign that I've failed or done something wrong. And because I use Tammy's online one-on-one coaching, I can turn to her with questions anytime and I'm no longer stressed out about how to adapt my training plan if my schedule changes. If you're considering a running coach, Tammy is the way to go!” -Madeline S.


“Tammy's program motivates you to be a better all around athlete. She encourages you be more in tune with your body while you run and she teaches you to incorporate strength training so that you avoid injuries. Also the group atmosphere provides support and keeps you on track during your training. You know that there are other runners going on long weekend runs, which inspires you to get your miles in too. This program has helped me run races without any knee pain, meet fellow runners to run with and through Tammy’s support I’ve become a faster, stronger runner. I shaved off over 20 minutes in my half marathon time and I’m now looking to be even faster in my next race.” - Stephanie C.