Run Coaching

Faster. If you want to become a faster runner, you need to practice running faster. Building a strong base of miles and strength training are also key to a faster pace. Speed workouts, easy miles, and strength training are components of all TW Training programs.

Stronger. If you’re only running and not doing any strength training, you will get injured at some point. Coach Tammy is a certified personal trainer and incorporates strength in all training programs to help you get stronger and ward off injury.

Smarter. Running smarter comes from experience, but there is a lot of knowledge you can gain from working with a coach so you aren’t starting from square one. Support with foam rolling, stretching, fueling, mental toughness, and other running topics are all a part of TW Training programs to ensure you’re not just faster and stronger, but you are also a more informed runner.

There are several ways you can be coached by Tammy. Check out the different options below to learn more. If you have questions, first check out the FAQ and then feel free to reach out to Tammy with further questions!

Group Coaching

Group coaching is intended for runners training for a specific race (from the 10K to the marathon distance). You can be training for any race, as your plan will be tailored accordingly. You can check out a list of popular spring DC races and recommended start dates for training here. If local to Washington, DC, there are several group runs each week, including a coached speed + strength workout, that are included with group coaching. If outside of the DC area, you will interact with others in the group via a group forum and bi-weekly coaching sessions with Coach Tammy. This option is ideal for someone who may not need or want as much attention as individual coaching, but still wants the guidance from a coach and support from other runners (whether it’s virtual or at DC group runs). All levels of runners are welcome and celebrated!

Individual Coaching

Individual coaching is for any level of runner who wants to work toward a specific running goal - achieving a new PR in an upcoming race, building their speed and/or endurance, becoming a consistent runner, or another running goal. Individual coaching is done virtually through an online training platform and regular communication (email, text, phone calls). This option is ideal for someone who wants more support with structuring their training and more individual guidance from a coach to work towards their goal(s).

Tuesday Speed + Strength

Tuesday Speed + Strength workouts are intended for runners who want to incorporate speed work into their training but aren’t sure how to do so. Workouts are differentiated for all levels of runners, so everyone gets something that meets their needs, whether they are training for a goal race or simply want to be a faster recreational runner. This option is best for people who live in DC that want to become a faster, stronger runner and want a community of other runners + a coach to support and hold them accountable. We meet at a local DC track (Banneker or Cardozo). Practices start again on January 8th and continue throughout the year.

One-on-One Sessions

A one-on-one session is intended for a runner who wants help with their running form and/or support with strength exercises for running. We meet at either the Banneker SHS or Wilson SHS track. Form sessions will include videotaping of running form and feedback on how to improve. This option can be combined with any of the other options for people who live in Washington, DC.

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