Frequently Asked Questions

If you still don't see your question answered after reading the FAQ's, contact Tammy!


Do I have to live in DC to train with you?

Nope! Individual coaching is done virtually, so you can live anywhere in the world.

I'm not training [or planning to train] for a race. Can I still be coached?

Yep! If you’re in the DC area and looking for in-person coaching, the Tuesday Speed + Strength sessions are your best bet. If you want something more individualized to hit your goals or can’t make it to the Tuesday practices, individual coaching is your best option.

I'm not a fast runner. Will this be a good fit?

Yep! Coaching is for ALL levels of runners. If you attend practices in DC, there will a variety of paces, especially on Tuesdays. The workouts are differentiated to meet everyone’s fitness level and goals. It is a welcoming group and we all support each other, regardless of pace.

How does payment work?

For group and individual coaching, you pay for your first month when you sign up and then you are billed monthly for the number of months you select in your intake survey. Customized training plans are paid in full after the consultation and prior to receiving the plan. Tuesday Speed + Strength sessions are paid in-full when you sign up.

Why do you require a 3 month minimum for coaching?

Becoming a faster, stronger, and smarter athlete does not happen overnight, as there is no silver bullet to becoming a better runner. Working with me for at least 3 months will help you build your training in an effective manner to lessen the chance of injury and increase your speed, strength, and running knowledge base. If you become injured while training, I will work with you through that to help you maintain a base level of fitness while rehabbing.

Do you meet for one-on-one sessions?

No, this is not a service I am currently offering.

When do I start?

It depends on the program! Individual coaching begins on an agreed upon date in the consultation call. The group program has two sessions/year. In 2019, the winter/spring session is January 7th - May 21st, and the summer/fall session is June 17th - November 16th. While registration is rolling, it’s recommended you start training at least 4 months before your race date.