Individual Coaching

Individual coaching is a good option for any level of runner with a specific running goal in mind - PR in your goal race, run your first marathon, train for your next race without injury, build your endurance and/or speed before your next training cycle, or another running goal. Everything is done online for individual coaching, so you can be anywhere in the world to be coached!

If you are interested in individual coaching, email Tammy with a little information about yourself and we’ll set up a call to chat to see if it would be a good fit. A limited number of spots are currently available for individual coaching.

You receive:

  • An initial consultation to discuss goals, running history, and current fitness routine

  • A customized training plan with specific workouts and paces to support your goals

  • A Final Surge account (an online training platform to record workouts and exchange feedback)

  • Regular updates to your training plan based on fitness level and progress

  • Weekly coaching feedback on workouts and training progress

  • Unlimited texts/emails/messaging with Coach Tammy

  • 1-2 check-in calls/month

  • Support with strength training, injury prevention, and foam rolling routines

  • Individual accountability, motivation, and knowledge from an experienced coach

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“I’ve really enjoyed having Tammy as an online coach. This is my first time using a coach, and I admit while I was a little anxious about not being able to do everything, Tammy quickly set me at ease. She created a plan that was customized to my marathon goals, provided the tools necessary to keep me accountable (online app, checking in via text and phone) and has been a huge support as I had to step back and deal with an injury. Great coach, great format — I’m really looking forward to crushing my next race with Tammy as my coach!”  - Anita B.


“I am a former college swimmer, and looking for a new challenge in my 20s, became a fairly serious triathlete. However, after a few years of training too hard, I became burnt out and disillusioned with participating in any kind of competitive race. Fast forward to my 30s: after having a baby (ok 4 years after having a baby!), I decided I wanted give racing another chance, so I signed up for the National Women’s Half Marathon. Unfortunately I pushed myself too hard too soon and ended up with a micro-tear in my Achilles, preventing me  from running the half and from running all together for 2 months.

When I returned to running I decided I needed another approach, so I signed up for Tammy’s individual coaching. Tammy designed a training plan that would ease me back into running and help prevent injury by focusing on strength training. Intuitively, she picked up on my hyper-competitive nature and reminded me (on many occasions) to train smart and to listen to my body. After 16 weeks of training, I ran the Philadelphia Half Marathon pain-free and finished in 2 hours! I was excited and surprised to have a PR, as it had been 9 years since I ran a half marathon! Most importantly, with Tammy’s help, I was able to re-discover my passion for competition and running and to cultivate a much healthier attitude in my training. Thank you Tammy!” - Alyson F.