Tuesday Speed + Strength

Tuesday Speed + Strength workouts are held in Washington, DC, at Cardozo SHS track in the Columbia Heights neighborhood. These workouts are coached by Coach Tammy and include a speed session (typically intervals or hill work) and a 10-15 minute strength workout specific to runners. This option is best for runners in the DC area who want a structured workout to improve their speed with the accountability of a coach and crew of other runners. Workouts are differentiated for all levels of runners and you don’t need to be training for a specific race to sign up (but if you are, it’s a great way to get faster for that goal race)! If you are training for a longer race and want more support than just the one workout/week, check out the group coaching program.

You receive:

  • Weekly workouts coached by Tammy, differentiated based on level

  • Weekly email with the workout, strength exercises, and running tips

  • Support with pacing, running form, and strength exercises

  • A welcoming community of runners to push and support you

  • Social events outside of practice

Logistical information:

  • Day/Time: Tuesday evenings @ 6:30pm

  • Dates for 2019: January 7 - May 21 (winter/spring session); June 17 - November 12 (summer/fall session)

  • Location: Cardozo SHS track

  • Cost: Starts at $120 for 8 weeks

  • Note: Registration for the summer/fall session will begin in late spring - sign up here to know when it opens!


“Being new to the area I signed up for a TW Training fun run. I had a great time and was super impressed by the sense of community. After attending a few more fun runs I decided to sign up for the group track sessions. Through Tammy’s coaching and workouts I noticed a significant improvement in both my speed and my endurance. I enjoyed her coaching style and attention to form. I was also impressed with her ability to coach multiple levels of runners (from brand new to veteran marathon runners) and design a group workout that benefited everyone. The happy hours and other events also contributed to creating a sense of community and fun. I signed up for additional weeks and will continue to sign up in the future!” - Deb W.


“After a long break, I decided to register for a 10K race to kickstart my love for running and motivate me to get back out there. I had run for years and didn’t have great intentions for a PR, but I told Tammy that I wanted to increase my speed. She coached like no one else I’ve known. Instead of locking in a pace for my speed workouts, she instructed me to run by feel or “by effort.” I was skeptical, but kept an open mind and attacked my workouts each week by effort, only to find my pace faster than what I would have run on my own. On race day, I applied the same “by effort” approach and ran my fastest 10K to date! Tammy stood by this approach throughout the training season and shared her own successes using it, which helped build trust in what she was coaching. Tammy is well-educated and intelligent about all aspects of running, but also has a strong knowledge of other exercise modalities that complement the sport. She not only helped me PR my 10K, but taught me the importance of stability and strength training, which are critical to running with proper form and to improving your speed. I’m glad that Tammy opened my eyes to how to become a faster runner!” - Beth M.