Customized Training Plans

If you want a plan that is individualized to your goals, current fitness level & workouts, and other life factors, a customized training plan is the way to go! This can be used in preparation for an upcoming race, as a way to get back in running shape safely and effectively, or to help you reach other running goals. This option includes a phone consultation, a customized training plan, and one check-in during your training. All plans will include a list of recommended strength exercises and incorporate information from our phone call to ensure your plan is fully customized for you.

Available for distances from the 5k to the marathon, as well as for non-race related running goals. Cost ranges from $85-$105, depending on length of the plan. Email Tammy a little about yourself and your goals, and we'll schedule a consultation!

"I started running about five years ago, working up to half marathons and was running races with small improvements. I was talked into a marathon (eek!) last year and followed a less than ideal training plan, but somehow managed to finish. I decided this year to run the Milwaukee Lakefront Marathon and wanted to train correctly this time. Tammy helped to develop my marathon training plan, ensuring consistent mileage and emphasizing the need for easy, slower long runs combined with good training variety (tempo runs, running drills, and strength training) to meet my marathon goal. Despite my repeated concerns about my slow pace during these long runs, Tammy was great about reassuring me that this was the best training method. During my marathon, I repeated that encouragement when I started to think I couldn't keep up, and it helped me stay on pace and finish under four hours - meeting my goal and beating my old time by 14 minutes!"  - Jenny S, Washington, DC