Online Run Coaching

Online run coaching provides individualized support and accountability, as well as unlimited access to a knowledgeable running coach. While I coach runners with a variety of backgrounds and goals, this option is most commonly used by runners who are: 1) Looking to PR in their next goal race, OR 2) Running their first half marathon or marathon and want something better than a generic training plan, OR 3) Running with a group training program but want more individualized support, OR 4) Coming back from injury and need guidance on building back their mileage safely so they don't get injured again.

If you're interested in online coaching, contact me with a little information about yourself and we'll set up a consultation to chat further! Additionally, if you're in DC and looking for individual in-person coaching sessions, include that in the message and we can talk details in our consultation.

*Spots are currently full for online coaching, but a few will open up in October 2018*


one-on-one online coaching


  • Customized Training Plan updated regularly based on fitness level and progress

  • Specific workouts and paces to match your goal(s) and fitness level

  • Final Surge account (an online training platform to record workouts and exchange feedback)

  • Weekly coaching feedback on workouts and training progress

  • 1-2 check-in calls/month

  • Unlimited email/text communication 

  • Strength training and injury prevention routines

  • Individual accountability, motivation, and encouragement from an experienced coach


"I've been running with Tammy for almost a year and decided to try her individualized coaching to reach a PR on my next half marathon. I also signed up for a group training program that included track workouts on Tuesdays and tempo runs on Thursdays. At the outset, she met with me and talked through my goals, as well as my previous running experience and paces. I like her structure of establishing three realistic race goals up-front. Tammy uses Final Surge for running schedules and it was so useful to keep track of my paces and distances each week. She provides helpful feedback after workouts and is always available for a quick check in about pace, nutrition, or something else related to training. I was able to see where I needed to strengthen and watch as each run got me closer to my race goal. The Rock and Roll DC Half Marathon was a PR for me and I was just a few minutes shy of my top goal.

For first-timers or those looking to increase their speed and set a PR, I'd recommend going for an individualized session and at least two runs per week with the group program. Having the support of the community and Tammy to push your paces, as well as the ability to check-in with Tammy regularly on the phone or in-person, makes all the difference. And on race day, she met up with me and a few other runners, and paced me to the finish line! I shaved about 25 minutes off my time and look forward to training with her for the next race." - Tara R, Washington, DC