Originally from Grand Rapids, MI and a proud Michigan alum, I've considered myself a runner for most of my life - from running in the local club races in elementary school to high school cross country & track to running my first half marathon in 2010 to now racing marathons across the country. Like many, my running career is full of ups and downs. I did little running in college and my beginning years in the working world, but I found it again after moving to DC nine years ago. While I take my running seriously, especially when training for a goal race, I believe balance and having fun are key to sustaining myself in the sport. Mixing in cross training and fitness classes, celebrating a race with brunch and beer, and bringing a spirit of flexibility to my running helps keep it fresh and fun. I also run races across the country, with the goal of running a half or full marathon in all 50 states before I'm 50. It's a great way to combine two of my favorite things - racing and traveling. 

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After coaching runners as a side gig for several years, I decided I wanted to make running and fitness my full time job, so after 12 years of working in education (as a teacher, for nonprofits, at the district level), I look the leap and started my own thing. While there are other running coaches out there, I bring a unique perspective to the sport - I am also a certified personal trainer and a group fitness instructor, and I believe strength training is a key part of any race training program to help runners stay injury-free, as well as become stronger and faster. I also believe it's important to build a sense of community among my runners that participate in the group programs, regardless of running ability. Training for a race is hard work and having a supportive coach and team of other runners helps make the miles more manageable and fun. I bring the same mentality of fun and flexibility in my own training to my coaching.

My coaching style continues to evolve to meet the needs of my athletes, but there are a few things I hold constant and incorporate into all of my coaching programs:

  • Challenging and supporting my runners in differentiated ways

  • Building flexibility and variety (cross training and strength training) into training plans

  • Coaching all aspects of running, including the mental and emotional components of the sport

  • Creating a supportive and welcoming community for all runners (regardless of ability)

  • Having fun outside of runs (happy hours, social gatherings, etc)

I look forward to helping you meet your running goals!



  • 9 full marathons, with a PR of 3:44:04 (37 minute improvement from first marathon)

  • Over 35 half marathons, with a PR of 1:44:16 (17 minute improvement from first half marathon)

  • 3rd place in age group at Nebraska State Fair Half Marathon (2016) and 3rd place in age group at Mississippi Coast Half Marathon (2017)

  • Countless other distances and out-of-the-box races from 5k to 10 milers to Ragnar Relays to the Goofy Challenge in Disney (a half marathon and full marathon in the same weekend)

  • Running a half or full marathon in all 50 states, with 26 states already completed


education and CERTIFICATION

  • B.S. in Exercise Science from University of Michigan

  • Road Runners Club of America (RRCA) Certified Coach

  • National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) Certified Personal Trainer

  • Spinning Certified