Customized Training Plans

There are a lot of free training plans out there, but most are generic and a “one size fits all.” A customized training plan includes workouts and paces that are personalized to your individual goals, current fitness level, schedule, and other life factors. Training plans will include cross training and recommended strength exercises to help prevent injury throughout your training. Guidance will also be given on incorporating fitness classes such as yoga, HIIT, spin, etc, if that is something you are currently doing.

This option is best for runners who want something more personalized, but don’t need continuous coaching to stay accountable or to make adjustments to training. It’s available for distances from the 10K to the marathon, and the cost ranges from $110-$155, depending on the length of the plan.


  1. Email Coach Tammy to set up a phone call to discuss goals, running history, and other pertinent information to make your plan.

  2. Submit payment for customized training plan.

  3. Receive customized training plan within a week from Coach Tammy after payment is received.

  4. Train using your customized plan!


“After a two year journey of trying to get back in shape, I felt ready to challenge myself by running a half marathon. Until this decision, I had only been able to run about 3-4 miles at a time. My work schedule fluctuates daily, making it hard for me to join a running group. But I knew I needed guidance and direction in order to best train for the half marathon. I felt the best option for me was to use a customized training plan. Tammy scheduled a preliminary phone call with me where we discussed my goals for the race, my current workout routine, my schedule, as well as any limitations or concerns. Within 72 hours of the call, Tammy sent my customized plan. It was so easy to follow and not at all intimidating! I had such a great experience finishing my first half thanks to Tammy's training plan that I also completed a 10 miler a few weeks after! I see many more races in my future.” - Liz G.


"A few years ago I decided to train for a half marathon. I lacked motivation, found the plan wasn’t tailored to my needs or goals, and I ended up getting hurt in the process. A year later I tried training again on my own and it ended with the same result. I was completely discouraged and assumed that running a half marathon was an unattainable goal for me.

In December 2017 I decided to give it one last shot and signed up for the DC Rock and Roll Half Marathon. I reached out to Tammy and she created a customized plan tailored to my needs and goals. During our first conversation she was attentive, positive, knowledgeable, and completely supportive. The plan incorporated Orangetheory, strength training for injury prevention, rest days, and scheduled short and long runs throughout the week. This combination increased my fitness level and confidence in ways that I never knew were possible. 

On race day I felt confident from start to finish. Tammy helped me complete the training injury-free and accomplish a goal that I’ve dreamed of for years. My only regret is not using her coaching earlier. Thank you Tammy for your dedication and knowledge. You’ve inspired me and encouraged me in so many ways." - Jessica B.

“I set a goal to complete my third half marathon in under 2 hours and 15 minutes, which was a 15 minute PR for me. Tammy and I met via phone for about 15 minutes and discussed my goals, current fitness, etc. Based on this conversation, she put together a 12 week training program with specific training runs and also allowed for some cross-training.  She also followed up with me a few times throughout my training and sent some words of encouragement when I needed it!  I'm happy to report that I finished the half in 2 hours and 12 minutes!  Tammy's training plan was a huge help in reaching this goal!” - Melissa P.