TW Training Group Program

You're likely visiting this page because you're interested in learning more about training with a coach for an upcoming race. If you're like, "I know I want to join the team - sign me up!" then go here to learn about the group options and join! **(If you are looking for online/individual coaching, check that out here).

But if you're still not sure if this is the right program for you, read on! 

A few reasons why you should join the TW Training Team to prepare for your fall race:

  • Accountability - Training for a half marathon or marathon is a journey in itself and there will be times when you really don't feel like running. The days we meet are intentionally on the harder running days of the training program. Having accountability from a coach, a team, and your wallet makes it more likely that those runs will happen, which ultimately will be the workouts that get you closer to reaching your goal.
  • Support - Pacing is an important part of training, especially when you are going for a specific goal. When you attend a free group run, you are not given guidance on what pace you should be running to reach a goal - people are broken up by pace groups but you may not understand what pace you should be running on that particular day of your training. Having a coach that understands when to run different paces and what paces you should be running at different points in your plan will help you reach your goals more effectively.
  • Knowledge - Weekly emails with running topics and motivation, strength exercises specifically for injury-prevention in runners, help with figuring out the correct pacing to reach your goals, workshops at least once/month, and a knowledgable coach at all practices to answer those questions that will definitely come up (such as adjusting your plan when life happens, what type of fuel to use on long runs, the best ways to recover after a long run, etc.) are a few ways you will build your running knowledge base in this program. We don't just meet to run - it's a complete experience that's meant to help you learn and grow as a runner, both in your physical and mental capacities.
  • Community - When going to a free running group, you never know what you're going to get. Many times there are a lot of "fast" runners in the group that run way ahead and don't socialize much with the "slower" runners. While this isn't the case in all groups, it can still be intimidating to go to a new group and not know anyone and wonder if you'll be able to keep up. That never happens with TW Training - while you may not know everyone at first, everyone will soon become a support system, and even with different paces, no one will be left behind. Through our runs, social events, and workshops, you will gain new friends who will be just as excited about your goals as you are. Training for a marathon is hard - a support crew makes it more fun and manageable.

"Ok, this all sounds good, but it still seems like too much to pay when I've trained for a race before [or this is my first long race]."

I totally understand the hesitation - paying for a service when you're not sure what will result from it makes sense. Given you're visiting this page, though, likely means that you are ready to do something different to change things up and reach that next goal, whether it's to PR or finish without injury or cross the finish line of a marathon for the first time.

Let's break down the cost a bit more:

  • Choosing the 2 practices/week option is $325 for 4.5 months. This equates to $72/month or $9.03/practice. This is less expensive than pretty much any gym or studio in DC. The costs vary slightly depending on how many days you choose, but all are around a similar cost/practice.
  • Everyone in the program gets two shopping nights at Pacers Running with a 15% discount. So let's say you're getting a new pair of shoes, a pair of shorts, and a new tank at just one of the nights. That will cost around $175-200, so you're saving $25-30 with the discount on just that one night.
  • The training shirt you receive values at a minimum $30. It will be a tank made with a wicking material, perfect for summer.
  • As it gets warmer, Tuesdays and Saturdays will be supported with hydration. This saves you money and the hassle of remembering to bring your own water all the time.
  • Time = money. Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays are planned out for you - no need to map out a route or figure out your workout. You have a coach to ask questions and get resources, so you're not spending hours on the web finding answers to your questions. Training takes up a lot of time - don't waste it doing things your coach could do for you.

So when you add this all up, plus add everything else you receive (like a training plan, discounts and opportunities with other partners, a strength library, etc), it's a steal! Read why others train with TW Training and Wellness.


Still wondering if this program is right for you? Check out the FAQ's and reach out to Tammy if you have additional questions or want to come check out a practice before you sign up!


Ready to sign up? Learn about the different scheduling options and join today!