Group Training Runs Overview

The Half Marathon Group Training Program includes Tuesday and Thursday runs, while the Marathon Group Training Program includes Thursday and Saturday runs. Tuesdays can be added to the Marathon Training Program, as well as done on their own. Saturdays can also be added to the Half Marathon Training Program. The times, locations, and a little more information about each group run is included below.


Tuesday intervals + Core

Day/Time: Tuesday evenings @ 6:30pm

Location: We primarily meet at the Cardozo SHS track (entrance at 13th and Florida Ave NW). 

Description: Interval workouts are essential to building your speed and endurance at faster speeds, which will ultimately lead to faster and more efficient running. Workouts are differentiated based on your training plan, goals, and fitness level. A 15 minute strength workout is included with each interval session. This workout is included in the Half Marathon Training Program, but can also be selected as a stand-alone or added to the Marathon Training Program. 


thursday tempo runs

Day/Time: Thursday evenings @ 6:30pm

Location: We meet at the 14th Street Pacers Running Store (1821 14th St NW). There is a place to store your belongings and we leave from there.

Description: The tempo run is a staple in any marathon or half marathon training plan. Tempo runs are done at a faster pace (usually goal race pace or faster) to help your body get used to running faster for longer periods of time. Thursdays include both marathon and half marathon runners, so there are multiple routes provided and mileage options range between 3-10 miles. There are a wide variety of paces (no one gets left behind!), and Coach Tammy typically runs throughout the pace groups to check-in with runners.


saturday long run

Day/Time: Saturday mornings @ 6:30am (will move to 6am as runs get longer and weather gets warmer)

Location: We will meet in Dupont Circle, as it has easy access to many different trails/routes and is close to the metro and bus lines. We will end at a coffee shop nearby to grab food/drink after the run.

Description: The long run is a staple when training for a marathon. The group is divided by paces, and you run the distance outlined on your training plan. Running long is more fun when you have others to talk to (or listen to if you don't like to talk when running). This is included in the Marathon Training Program and will start at 6-8 miles and progress up to 20-22 miles for the longest runs. It can also be added to the Half Marathon Training Program.