DC Group Runs

If you live in the DC area and want the accountability and community from running with a group, there are three days that TW Training group runs are offered. These runs are part of the Group Coaching program and can be added on to Individual Coaching at a discounted rate.


Tuesday speed + Strength

Day/Time: Tuesday evenings @ 6:30pm

Location: We meet at the Cardozo SHS track (13th and Florida NW).

Description: Speed workouts are essential to building your speed and endurance at faster speeds, which will ultimately lead to faster and more efficient running. All training plans include speed work, as you have to practice running faster if you want to race faster. The workouts differ each week, and all practices include 10-15 minutes of runner-specific strength work.


thursday runs

Day/Time: Thursday mornings @ 6:30am

Location: Downtown (Penn Quarter)

Description: The primary purpose of the Thursday run is accountability for getting in those easy miles, while building community with fellow TW Training teammates. The winter can be tough to get out of bed, but if you know you have people waiting on you that are also training for an upcoming race, you’ll be more likely to get out the door. Runs will vary in length from 3-6 miles, depending on the training cycle.


saturday long runs

Day/Time: Saturdays @ 8:30am

Location: We meet in Dupont Circle, which is easily accessible by public transportation. Parking is usually readily available on Saturday mornings.

Description: The long run is a staple when training for a longer race. Distances will start at 4-8 miles and work up to the longest distance in your training plan. The winter/spring months tend to have more runners training for 10 mile and half marathon races, but distances for the long run will go up to whatever is in your plan! (Note that you may not have as many people to run the entire long run with if training for a full marathon, but you’ll still have company for a good portion of it!)