Frequently Asked Questions

If you still don't see your question answered after reading the FAQ's, feel free to contact Tammy!


I'm not training [or planning to train] for a race. Can I still join?

Yep! The Tuesday Intervals + Core workouts are differentiated for all levels, including run/walkers and newer runners. If you have some running experience and are able to run at least 3 miles (walk breaks okay), then you could also choose the Tuesday/Thursday option if you wanted two practices/week.

I'm traveling during the summer and will miss some of the practices. Is that okay?

Yep! It's common for people to travel in the summer, and it's okay to miss some practices, even if it's at the beginning of the session. You'll have your training plan and get weekly emails to keep you on track with what you're missing.

I just found out about the program and missed the first couple of weeks. Can I still join?

Yep! You'll receive a welcome email, your training plan & all the other materials, and be able to jump right in with the group after you sign up. 

I'm really slow. What if I can't keep up with everyone?

Slow compared to what or who? I totally get this concern -  you don't want to be left behind. And you won't! We have all different paces and Tammy always circulates and runs with every pace group at some point on Thursdays and Saturdays.  The average easy/conversational pace for the group is probably between 9:00-11:30 minute/mile, but we have some that are at a slower pace than that, as well, especially with long runs. It's a welcoming group and we all support each other, regardless of pace.

I can never make any of the practices because of my [work/travel/life] schedule. Can I still be part of the program?

If you aren't able to make any of the days but still want coaching support, a customized training plan or individualized coaching may be a better option for you. Note that there are only a few spots left for individualized coaching for the summer. If you're able to join on the weekend, the Saturday long run option may be a good fit.