In-Person Individual Sessions

Individual sessions can be combined with other coaching services for additional support with running form, strength training exercises, or stretching/foam rolling routines. Sessions are one hour in length and meet at a DC track (Wilson SHS, Banneker SHS, or Gallaudet). Most people combine this with online coaching if in Washington, DC. Learn more about online coaching here and email Tammy to schedule your initial phone consultation to talk more about your running goals!


  • Form correction session: Tammy will watch you run and advise on tweaks to improve your running form. We'll also go over exercises that can be done to help you become a more efficient runner.
  • Runner-specific strength training session: Tammy will demo a variety of strength exercises that can be easily incorporated into your everyday life to help reduce injury and make you a stronger runner. You'll walk away with several 10-15 minute routines you can perform from the comfort of your home.
  • Stretching/foam rolling session: Tammy will demo stretches and foam rolling exercises for muscles that are often tight for runners. You'll leave feeling more confident about how to stretch before and after running and how to use stretching to help prevent injury.