Individualized Run Coaching

Looking for a more individualized coaching experience? This option is for any level of runner - whether you are looking to PR at your goal race, you need support in coming back from an injury, you want to change up your training to include more strength and cross training, or you have other goals in mind, Coach Tammy can help you reach them!

The most popular type of individualized coaching is online coaching, as that provides ongoing accountability and support. All individual coaching options include an initial phone consultation to discuss running history, goals, current fitness level, and other pertinent information. Check out the different options below and then reach out to Coach Tammy to schedule your initial consultation to get started!

online coaching

If you're looking for regular feedback on your workouts, updates to your training plan based on your progress, and daily access to a coach to hold you accountable and support you through your running, this is the option for you!

customized training plans

If you don't need consistent coaching to stay on track, but you want a training plan that is individualized to your goals, current fitness level, and other life factors, a customized training plan is the way to go! 

in-person sessions

Available as an add-on to another coaching service, an in-person session can help you to improve running form, develop a stretching/foam rolling routine, or learn proper form for strengthening exercises.

"A few years ago I decided to train for a half marathon. I lacked motivation, found the plan wasn’t tailored to my needs or goals, and I ended up getting hurt in the process. A year later I tried training again on my own and it ended with the same result. I was completely discouraged and assumed that running a half marathon was an unattainable goal for me.

In December 2017 I decided to give it one last shot and signed up for the DC Rock and Roll Half Marathon. I reached out to Tammy and she created a customized plan tailored to my needs and goals. At our first meeting she was attentive, positive, knowledgeable, and completely supportive. The plan incorporated Orangetheory, strength training for injury prevention, rest days, and scheduled short and long runs throughout the week. This combination increased my fitness level and confidence in ways that I never knew were possible. 

On race day I felt confident from start to finish. Tammy helped me complete the training injury-free and accomplish a goal that I’ve dreamed of for years. My only regret is not using her coaching earlier. Thank you Tammy for your dedication and knowledge. You’ve inspired me and encouraged me in so many ways." - Jessica B, Washington, DC