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 Photo credit:  Run Washington

Photo credit: Run Washington

TW Training and Wellness offers individual and group training programs for runners of all ability levels, as well as wellness programming for organizations of all sizes. In addition to holding a RRCA run coaching certification, Coach Tammy is also a NASM certified personal trainer, and she puts an emphasis on incorporating strength into training programs to help avoid injury and build stronger runners. She looks forward to working with you to reach your goals!

"I’ve been working with Tammy since March 2017.  I joined the running group to get into shape. I showed up with a mile time of 12:00.  It wasn’t long into my training with Tammy that her coaching style was making an impression on me.  I loved the fact that she didn’t dictate the workouts and send us off on a run.  She actually did the runs with us!  I liked this a lot coaching you through the entire workout.  In addition, she not only cared about your success but pushed you to achieve it.  Tammy saw potential in me in the beginning that I didn’t see in myself.  She challenged me to take on longer runs and taught me ways to be mentally tough.  With her knowledge and support, I recently ran a 5k with a time of 31:00.  This was truly a feat for me, and I have Tammy’s workouts, articles, and confidence in me to thank for it!" - Kristine B, Washington, DC


"After a disappointing race and training cycle in early 2017, I decided I needed to consult outside folks to improve my running. Enter Tammy. Originally I was nervous to join a group, but Tammy never questioned or doubted anyone's reason for joining or ability. Each week Tammy provided a range of workouts (in terms of type as well as duration) and encouraged us to push ourselves to be our best. Her enthusiasm and dedication is infectious and her ability to balance a welcoming, comfortable environment with some tough love and an expectation you can do more is impressive. Whether tempo work, speed work, or easy runs, I always appreciated her ability to celebrate the small victories of every runner and not just personal records in large races. She's a terrific coach and one of the reasons I fell back in love with running and am able to train successfully." - Jona E, Washington, DC