mission statement

My mission is to create a community of strong runners where everyone feels supported, celebrated, and pushed toward meeting their goals, regardless of speed or perceived ability.


Core values

Community: While running is often thought of as a solo sport, it takes a strong tribe to keep you accountable and motivated to continue working hard towards those goals. Whether you occasionally come to a free event or you are part of a training program, it's important to me that you feel like a valued part of this community of runners. No one is "too slow" and no one is left behind at group runs. Happy hour and other social events happen on the regular to continue building community.

Strength: All running and no strength training almost always equals injury. All training programs will have strength training (and cross training) weaved within them, and I will work with you to determine the best ratio of these activities based on your goals. Strength training does not mean spending hours at the gym, but simply doing 15 minutes of targeted exercises 3-4x/week will help you become a stronger, less injury-prone runner.

Celebration: You ran your first marathon, you earned a new half marathon PR after trying for several years, your 1600 pace improved on the track, you qualified for Boston - all are accomplishments worthy of celebration. Progress will look different for everyone and it's never linear - bad days, runs, and workouts will happen, but celebrating the little and big wins along the way keeps us motivated to push through when times are tough.

Balance: Train hard, live hard. Eating healthy is a key part of a training cycle, however, I believe in a 80/20 balance - eat healthy most of the time, but don't deprive yourself of your favorite treats. It's also important to balance your training with your everyday life and make adjustments to prioritize from week to week. Balance also means having both easy and hard days in your training and taking rest days to actively recover.