TW Training and Wellness is proud to partner with a number of organizations to provide more resources for members of the TW Training Team, as well as the running community as a whole. If you are interested in partnering, reach out to Tammy to schedule a time to chat.

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Pacers Running

Coach Tammy partners with Pacers on various events throughout the year and has also contributed to their blog in the past. Participants in the group training program receive special discounts on select races and shopping nights throughout the program.

Pacers has fun races throughout the year and has local stores in DC and VA. No matter what your running needs, Pacers can help you out!

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composition id

Composition ID has a number of services that support athletes in reaching their goals, including a VO2 Max test, nutrition coaching, and several other tests that give science based knowledge to help people improve their performance. Use the code TWTRAININGPACK to save 10% on any of their packages or the code TWTRAININGDEXA to get a DEXA Scan for only $89. TW Training athletes also have access to some exclusive group discounts and workshops.