TW Group Training Program

“I joined Coach Tammy’s group program in preparation for the Richmond Marathon and saw the benefits almost immediately. I had always struggled with track workouts on my own, but with a group of other runners pushing me, I was faster and I had WAY more fun. Also, long runs in the humid DC summers have always been a struggle. Knowing that there were a group of other folks to run with made sure I got myself out of bed and out on the road/trail!”

“When I signed up to run the New York City Marathon, I knew I had a steep training curve ahead of me. The most I had ever run was 5 miles. Joining Tammy’s group was the best decision I made. Thanks to Tammy, I ran, finished and *enjoyed* the marathon - a major achievement for me.”

The TW Group Training Program is a strong community of runners who are training for a long distance race, from 10 miles to the marathon. Registration for the 2019 summer session is closed, however, there are several upcoming events you can join if you’re training for a fall race. See below to learn more and RSVP.

Registration for the 2020 winter/spring session will open in December 2019. Sign up to be the first to learn about it and receive a special discount!

Upcoming Events:


“After many attempts, 2018 was finally the year that I managed to make running a part of my life. I started out by following a few beginner running plans and tips that I found online, but after a while I hit a point where I realized that I could benefit more from having a real-life coach that I could turn to for guidance. Soon after, the connective powers of social media led me to find Tammy's services. I signed up for the summer group training program and we got to work. Tammy’s track workouts were a game changer for me. They helped me to make improvements to my running form, increase my endurance, and boost my confidence as a runner. The group setting, which included runners from a wide range of experience levels, was pretty inspiring as well. I ran my first race (the Navy 5 Miler) in September 2018 and set a personal record along the way. The group training played a huge role in this. Much appreciation to Tammy for all of her guidance!”  - Mike K.


“I have been a runner for almost a decade. I’ve always wanted to conquer the marathon to be able to say I did it and to see if it’s something that I was interested in continuing to do. I tried and failed many times over the past ten years to stick to a training plan on my own with no luck. I went for a local holiday lights run last December and met Tammy – she was energetic, funny and inspiring in her dedication to the sport and overall wellness. When I decided to commit to a fall race, I knew immediately that I wanted to be part of her training crew. I figured individual coaching wasn’t for me, since I needed more accountability to show up for runs. Tammy had that all set – I started out with the training crew in early summer and was intimidated and nervous showing up to my first group long run. Tammy set the tone early by having us all introduce ourselves, talk about our race and something positive that happened to us that week. My nervousness quickly wore off and I found our weekly long runs becoming the highlight of my summer. The weekly achievements in increasing both my fitness and my long run distance was highlighted by the fact that I shared those successes with a group and an enthusiastic coach. Tammy was incredibly helpful in always responding to texts about random aches/pains, updates on routes and meeting places, and with weekly emails. My marathon was in South Dakota in the midst of a freak snowstorm (which is the one thing that training in DC in summer could not prepare me for) and I went into it nervous but confident that I had a knowledgeable coach behind me and a strong network of runners that I put in the work with every week over the summer. My race was a success and now I can officially say that I am a marathoner!”  - Christina B.