“When I signed up to run the New York City Marathon, I knew I had a steep training curve ahead of me. The most I had ever run was 5 miles. Joining Tammy’s group was the best decision I made. Thanks to Tammy, I ran, finished and *enjoyed* the marathon - a major achievement for me. Over five months, Tammy provided consistent advice and encouragement to make me a better runner. Every week I loved reading her emails with details of our planned runs, advice on nutrition, staying motivated, being safe, strength exercises and so much more. Running with Tammy and the group meant I became more disciplined; learned to run in better form; became hyper aware of hydration and fueling; and absorbed a wealth of knowledge about how to handle long races. What I loved most about the experience is the sense of community Tammy has fostered in this group: motivating each other, pushing each other on when we needed it, and celebrating our individual successes. Tammy has created something special here. And she has turned me into a runner - something I never thought possible. I’ve already signed up for my next race!” - Poorti S.

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“I started working with Tammy in July 2017. I initially joined her running group for the motivation and accountability to train regularly. It quickly became more than that - I've completed two half marathons training with Tammy. I've earned a PR, I've reignited my passion for running, and I’ve discovered a great community! Tammy's workouts are creative and challenging; I love her focus on strength work and mental toughness. But what I appreciate most is the community that she's created and the support that I feel from her and other TW runners. I've met my "best running friends" through Tammy's group and nothing feels better at the start line than knowing a coach like Tammy is in your corner and believes in you.”  - Kate S.


“I have been running on and off for over 15 years, including 4 marathons and numerous races at shorter distances. Running has always been a solitary activity for me. I rarely ran with groups and designed my training based on books. Last year, I decided if I wanted to continue to grow as a runner, it was time for me to push outside of my comfort zone. I joined Coach Tammy’s group program in preparation for the Richmond Marathon and saw the benefits almost immediately. I had always struggled with track workouts on my own, but with a group of other runners pushing me, I was faster and I had WAY more fun. Also, long runs in the humid DC summers have always been a struggle. Knowing that there were a group of other folks to run with made sure I got myself out of bed and out on the road/trail!

In the weeks prior to the Richmond Marathon, I developed some pain in my right foot. Coach Tammy helped me through training in those weeks to make sure I rested sufficiently so I could be as ready as possible for the starting line. I also got amazing support from the rest of the TW Training runners. I ended up running with pain in Richmond, but I finished, with the help of a Coach Tammy hug at mile 25!” - Leah NW.


“I trained with Tammy for my second half marathon, and it was a success as I had a PR! I really enjoyed training with Tammy and the group. You get a personalized training plan and you can choose to join in for group runs if you live in DC. Trainings are well structured and planned, and I really felt the improvement week after week, without injuries, and everyone runs at their own speed. The group is really nice, and it was a pleasure to join the group - it became kind of my running family. Tammy puts a lot of effort in organizing events/workshops/activities around the training with the local community. There were workshops on injury prevention, nutrition, foam rolling, post-race recovery, and more! It’s not only about running but also how to get better at it for the long term. I learned a lot. Thanks Tammy, looking forward to the next session!” - Adele S.


“In my first season with Tammy, I PR'd 3 times! Before I even started training with her, I reached out to figure out what my goal race should be. She offered great advice and even introduced me to a race I wouldn't have thought of. While training for my half marathon, I PR'd in a 5k and a 10-miler. Her training plans are on point and knowing that there was a group of people at the track every week and on long runs on the weekends helped me to get up and out, even on cold, February mornings.” - Ariel K.

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“I ran my second half marathon in the heart of a New England nor’easter this fall, six months post-major surgery, and felt 100% prepared thanks to Tammy’s expert coaching. The program not only conditioned me for the race at hand but I remained injury-free throughout and I want to continue to use the fundamentals I learned to improve on my times.” – Elizabeth S.


“I made a split second decision late last year that I was going to run the Chicago Marathon, while never having run more than 10 miles in the past (and walking at least 2 of those 10). Tammy successfully guided me through a structured 16 week training program over the summer, and even though I had some minor injuries along the way, I was able to finish the Chicago Marathon smiling and running hard. I couldn’t have done it without the motivation, coaching, structure, and camaraderie provided by Tammy and by the TW Training and Wellness crew.  Thank you Tammy!” - Natalie S.


“I knew I wanted to run a marathon for years, but I never was able to pull the trigger until I met Tammy. I live in DC but split my time between DC and NC and live in NC over the summer so I choose to sign up for Tammy's virtual training. At first, I'll be honest, because I'm a pretty serious runner and exerciser I wasn't sure if I needed the virtual training. I figured I could train myself, but BOY WAS I WRONG. Signing up to work with Tammy was the best decision I ever made. I followed her plans, discussed my training issues and asked her about a million questions. After a tough 18 mile training run, Tammy and I worked together to problem solve the next few long runs. Everything from pacing to fueling and even recovery were covered during training and for race day that I felt ready and confident to execute to the best of my abilities. This weekend I ran the Richmond Marathon, and I beat my goal time by more than 10 minutes and ran every mile 1 minute faster than I had planned. I even had negative splits! Best of all Tammy was at the race, at mile 25, ready to help me finish if I needed. I am beyond grateful for all the coaching, accountability and support I have received, and I went into my race more prepared physically and mentally than I could have ever imagined. I'm ready to sign up for my next ever marathon. I highly recommend Tammy's training - she took me from runner to marathoner.” - Nikki B.