“When I signed up to run the New York City Marathon, I knew I had a steep training curve ahead of me. The most I had ever run was 5 miles. Joining Tammy’s group was the best decision I made. Thanks to Tammy, I ran, finished and *enjoyed* the marathon - a major achievement for me. Over five months, Tammy provided consistent advice and encouragement to make me a better runner. Every week I loved reading her emails with details of our planned runs, advice on nutrition, staying motivated, being safe, strength exercises and so much more. Running with Tammy and the group meant I became more disciplined; learned to run in better form; became hyper aware of hydration and fueling; and absorbed a wealth of knowledge about how to handle long races. What I loved most about the experience is the sense of community Tammy has fostered in this group: motivating each other, pushing each other on when we needed it, and celebrating our individual successes. Tammy has created something special here. And she has turned me into a runner - something I never thought possible. I’ve already signed up for my next race!” - Poorti S.

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“I started working with Tammy in July 2017. I initially joined her running group for the motivation and accountability to train regularly. It quickly became more than that - I've completed two half marathons training with Tammy. I've earned a PR, I've reignited my passion for running, and I’ve discovered a great community! Tammy's workouts are creative and challenging; I love her focus on strength work and mental toughness. But what I appreciate most is the community that she's created and the support that I feel from her and other TW runners. I've met my "best running friends" through Tammy's group and nothing feels better at the start line than knowing a coach like Tammy is in your corner and believes in you.”  - Kate S.


“I have been running on and off for over 15 years, including 4 marathons and numerous races at shorter distances. Running has always been a solitary activity for me. I rarely ran with groups and designed my training based on books. Last year, I decided if I wanted to continue to grow as a runner, it was time for me to push outside of my comfort zone. I joined Coach Tammy’s group program in preparation for the Richmond Marathon and saw the benefits almost immediately. I had always struggled with track workouts on my own, but with a group of other runners pushing me, I was faster and I had WAY more fun. Also, long runs in the humid DC summers have always been a struggle. Knowing that there were a group of other folks to run with made sure I got myself out of bed and out on the road/trail!

In the weeks prior to the Richmond Marathon, I developed some pain in my right foot. Coach Tammy helped me through training in those weeks to make sure I rested sufficiently so I could be as ready as possible for the starting line. I also got amazing support from the rest of the TW Training runners. I ended up running with pain in Richmond, but I finished, with the help of a Coach Tammy hug at mile 25!” - Leah NW.


“I trained with Tammy for my second half marathon, and it was a success as I had a PR! I really enjoyed training with Tammy and the group. You get a personalized training plan and you can choose to join in for group runs if you live in DC. Trainings are well structured and planned, and I really felt the improvement week after week, without injuries, and everyone runs at their own speed. The group is really nice, and it was a pleasure to join the group - it became kind of my running family. Tammy puts a lot of effort in organizing events/workshops/activities around the training with the local community. There were workshops on injury prevention, nutrition, foam rolling, post-race recovery, and more! It’s not only about running but also how to get better at it for the long term. I learned a lot. Thanks Tammy, looking forward to the next session!” - Adele S.

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"Tammy has been my coach since July 2016. At the time I had just signed up for my very first half marathon and was a little nervous about whether I would feel prepared when race day finally arrived. As I now know, Tammy is your go to for half marathon training! She loves them! But whatever you are training for, Tammy is a great coach. She's encouraging and truly believes that all her runners have it in them to reach their personal goals. And she's tough, leading by example to push all her runners to be well-rounded athletes. She modifies workouts so that you can find the path that's right for you, but never misses an opportunity to remind you of the option that might seem just out of reach. Whether you're lacing up your running shoes for the first time, or you're pushing yourself for a new PR, Tammy will help you get there. And make it fun in the process!" - Andrea O.

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“I ran my second half marathon in the heart of a New England nor’easter this fall, six months post-major surgery, and felt 100% prepared thanks to Tammy’s expert coaching. The program not only conditioned me for the race at hand but I remained injury-free throughout and I want to continue to use the fundamentals I learned to improve on my times.” – Elizabeth S.


"In the spring of 2017, when I was recovering from a minor hamstring injury, I joined Tammy's training session because I'd heard it a good way to return to running. It was: Coach Tammy helped me safely ramp up the distance and intensity of each workout. I continue to come back, and I've continued to be injury-free  -- up to and including running the 42nd Marine Corps Marathon on October 22!

But the sessions have been much more than injury-prevention, thanks to the warm and welcoming tone Coach Tammy creates. She likes to have fun, but she takes her coaching very seriously, sending out weekly emails full of advice and tips about nutrition, exercise, stretching and more -- plus shout-outs to members running races that week. And she is always looking for ways to do better. Perhaps most important, Tammy treats everyone seriously, no matter their age (I just turned 70) or ability level. If you want to be a runner, then for Tammy, you are -- and she will do everything she can to help you be the best you can be. - Mitch W, Washington, DC


"I consider myself an overweight runner who has struggled with improving my pace. I started running to support the Whitman Walker clinic in 2003. After completing the Marine Corps Marathon in 6:36, I fell off doing long runs and got back to it in the last year. I finished the Trenton Half Marathon in October 2015 as an interval walk/runner in 3:15. I decided to try Tammy's running training program and I was introduced to track training. Her training helped me to realize that I was not pushing myself. I learned about pacing and breathing. I clocked my fastest mile ever! I was so amazed that I sent her my stats from my long runs to show her my improvement! It was hard work pushing my body to move faster initially. The hill training and track workouts made a huge impact in my performance. I had amazing splits when I ran the Martha's Vineyard Half Marathon this past spring." - Tiffani B.


“I made a split second decision late last year that I was going to run the Chicago Marathon, while never having run more than 10 miles in the past (and walking at least 2 of those 10). Tammy successfully guided me through a structured 16 week training program over the summer, and even though I had some minor injuries along the way, I was able to finish the Chicago Marathon smiling and running hard. I couldn’t have done it without the motivation, coaching, structure, and camaraderie provided by Tammy and by the TW Training and Wellness crew.  Thank you Tammy!” - Natalie S.