Thanks to Coach Tammy, I have a new 5K Personal Record.  On September 24, 2017, I ran the Clarendon Day 5K race in Virginia. As I was nearing the finish line, I thought that I had misread the race's timing clock. My 5K race times would traditionally range from 34-39 minutes with 11-13 minute/miles; however, my net time was 29:46 with a 9:35 minute/mile.  This is an enormous accomplishment for me.

Tammy coached me from April - August 2017. Even while running in 90+ degree temperatures, with thick humidity floating in the air, I mysteriously maintained focus and was driven to excel in everything Coach Tammy presented my way.

I would like to personally thank Tammy for motivating and encouraging me when I didn't think that I had a fraction of an ounce of energy left in my body. Those weekly runs with the running group didn't seem like it was making a gigantic difference in my life on a weekly basis, but this past Sunday it all came to fruition. My 5K running goals were finally achieved with the assistance of Coach Tammy, along with my hard work, dedication and determination. Thanks so much for the assistance!  - Jacqueline H.

Jackie's Clarendon Race Photo.jpg

"I have always appreciated the benefits of running but have not always enjoyed the process. When I joined Tammy's running group, I was quickly surprised at how much the track workouts helped me focus on my stride, speed, and endurance AND how much the encouraging group setting helped me enjoy running. The additional core workouts also strengthened my muscles and ended my hip pain! Tammy is a friendly coach who is skilled at beginning you where you are and setting goals with you to improve your speed and technique. You'll enjoy running with her!" - Mary H.

"I consider myself an overweight runner who has struggled with improving my pace. I started running to support the Whitman Walker clinic in 2003. After completing the Marine Corps Marathon in 6:36, I fell off doing long runs and got back to it in the last year. I finished the Trenton Half Marathon in October 2015 as an interval walk/runner in 3:15. I decided to try Tammy's running training program and I was introduced to track training. Her training helped me to realize that I was not pushing myself. I learned about pacing and breathing. I clocked my fastest mile ever! I was so amazed that I sent her my stats from my long runs to show her my improvement! It was hard work pushing my body to move faster initially. The hill training and track workouts made a huge impact in my performance. I had amazing splits when I ran the Martha's Vineyard Half Marathon this past spring." - Tiffani B.

"After a disappointing race and training cycle in early 2017, I decided I needed to consult outside folks to improve my running. Enter Tammy. Originally I was nervous to join a group, but Tammy never questioned or doubted anyone's reason for joining or ability. Each week Tammy provided a range of workouts (in terms of type as well as duration) and encouraged us to push ourselves to be our best. Her enthusiasm and dedication is infectious and her ability to balance a welcoming, comfortable environment with some tough love and an expectation you can do more is impressive. Whether tempo work, speed work, or easy runs, I always appreciated her ability to celebrate the small victories of every runner and not just personal records in large races. She's a terrific coach and one of the reasons I fell back in love with running and am able to train successfully." - Jona E.

"I went from having a hard time running for more than a mile at a time after taking years off of running, to completing a trail half marathon and three ten milers (and many 5ks and 10ks) in the time I trained with Tammy.  Her tempo runs got me into shape for running longer distances and the track workout really helped me improve my running form and pacing. Tammy’s core workouts are efficient and effective, and I’m a better and stronger runner because of them.  Tammy is tough but understanding and is extremely considerate of individual needs and schedules. Best of all, through Tammy’s coaching I learned to push myself without hurting myself and came to enjoy running, and I will train for my first marathon in the coming year.  I couldn’t have done any of this without her!" - Natalie S.