Tuesday Intervals + Core 

Interval workouts are essential to building your overall speed, as well as your ability to maintain that speed for longer periods of time. Interval workouts also burn more calories than a slow-paced run for the same distance. Training in a group with a coach helps keep you accountable while in a supportive and welcoming environment, as well as allows you to get feedback and ask questions as they come up in training. We primarily meet at the track, however, some interval work is done on a nearby hill to build strength. Workouts are differentiated based on your training plan, goals, and fitness level, so it's great for all ability levels! You may be looking to get faster for an upcoming race or you're a run/walker looking to get back into shape or you're somewhere in-between: all are welcome!  A 15 minute strength workout is included with each interval session.

Session Dates:

  • July 9 - September 9 (9 weeks - $120)
  • September 10 - November 10 (9 weeks - $120)

**Commit to 18 weeks in the summer/fall and save $20! It's only $220 for July 9 - November 10!

Day/Time: Tuesday evenings @ 6:30pm

Location: We meet at the Cardozo SHS track. The entrance is located at the corner of 13th St and Florida Ave NW. It's a few blocks from the U Street metro. There is street parking located nearby, as well as a small parking lot.


  • Weekly planned and coached Intervals + Core workout
  • Weekly emails with workouts, tips, and motivation
  • Pace and form recommendations 
  • Strength training video library
  • A welcoming community to run with
  • Facebook group to interact outside of training runs
  • Training shirt 
  • Social events

"I have always appreciated the benefits of running but have not always enjoyed the process. When I joined Tammy's running group, I was quickly surprised at how much the track workouts helped me focus on my stride, speed, and endurance AND how much the encouraging group setting helped me enjoy running. The additional core workouts also strengthened my muscles and ended my hip pain! Tammy is a friendly coach who is skilled at beginning you where you are and setting goals with you to improve your speed and technique. You'll enjoy running with her!" - Mary H, Washington, DC


"I consider myself an overweight runner who has struggled with improving my pace. I started running to support the Whitman Walker clinic in 2003. After completing the Marine Corps Marathon in 6:36, I fell off doing long runs and got back to it in the last year. I finished the Trenton Half Marathon in October 2015 as an interval walk/runner in 3:15. I decided to try Tammy's running training program and I was introduced to track training. Her training helped me to realize that I was not pushing myself. I learned about pacing and breathing. I clocked my fastest mile ever! I was so amazed that I sent her my stats from my long runs to show her my improvement! It was hard work pushing my body to move faster initially. The hill training and track workouts made a huge impact in my performance. I had amazing splits when I ran the Martha's Vineyard Half Marathon this past spring." - Tiffani B, Washington, DC