4 Tips for Running in Extreme Heat

It's really heating up in most places in the country (and in a lot of cases, straight up miserable), and I know it's been a scorcher in DC the last couple of days. Running outside in this weather becomes much more difficult, and in some cases dangerous, if you're not smart about training in the heat. Here are a few of Coach Tammy's top tips for running in the extreme heat:

1) Run early in the morning or later at night to avoid the hottest parts of the day (and the direct sunlight that comes with it).

2) Carry water, even on shorter runs.

3) Slow down and listen to your body. There is NO shame in running slow in the heat (and in general for that matter).

4) Take it inside to the treadmill - sometimes this is the safest option if you’re not able to get out early or later in the day.

Slowing down when it's hot outside will NOT hinder your race performance - it's a necessary part of summer training and it WILL help you come fall and the cooler temps!

What tips do you have that help you run in the hot weather? Comment below!