TW Assistant Coaching Team

The TW Group Training Program expanded for Summer 2019 and is excited to welcome three assistant coaches to the team! Each coach brings their own unique experiences and perspectives to coaching. They each coach at a different track location and all support the Saturday long run. Coach Tammy floats around to all the practices, as she still wants to meet everyone in the program. Learn more about each coach below!


Brittany Copeland is a certified group fitness instructor and coach at OrangeTheory Fitness. She also is a confirmed running addict, so much so she became an RRCA certified running coach. Brittany has run over a dozen marathons and recently logged a PR and BQ time of 3:23:46 at Revel Mt. Charleston. She plans on running all six marathon majors with three on tap in just 8 months - Berlin, Chicago & a little old race that ends on Boylston Street in Boston, MA. When Brittany isn’t coaching or running you might find her on set - she is a television host and actress with over a decade of experience working as a sports anchor and reporter.

Brittany coaches track in Tenleytown on Wednesdays.


Omar Hernandez started running in the Summer of 2012 to initially lose weight. He signed up for his first 5k in September of 2012 and within the next year he started running 10k’s and 10 mile races. In the Summer of 2014 some friends convinced him to sign up for MCM, and since then he has completed six more marathons and one ultra-marathon. He has his sights on completing his 5th MCM marathon this fall. In his spare time, he enjoys camping, mountain biking and hiking. 

Omar coaches track at Washington and Lee on Tuesdays.

Watson Profile Pic.jpg

Leah Watson was born and raised in Eugene, Oregon, so you could say track & field is part of her DNA. She grew up watching the sport and volunteered at races at Historic Hayward Field as a high school student. She has been running recreationally for over 15 years, including 4 marathons and numerous races at shorter distances. Until a year ago, running was always a solitary activity. But then she decided if she wanted to continue to grow as a runner, it was time to push outside of her comfort zone, which is why she joined Coach Tammy’s group program in preparation for the Richmond Marathon last summer. She saw the benefits almost immediately - with a group of other runners pushing her, she was faster and had WAY more fun. She is proud to be a mid-pack runner, always pushing against herself to achieve her goals. She’s excited to be an assistant coach and inspire other runners to achieve their individuals goals and have a ton of fun with TW Training & Wellness!

Leah coaches track at Cardozo on Tuesdays.